January 18th, 2008
Friday Flash – Visitor

Friday Flash

(c) 2008 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved

Something was not right.

Sata paused with the alarm code only half-entered, distracted by the odd tingle that traced up her spine. A familiar sensation but not one she’d felt since she’d chosen enter a voluntary exile in the land of the humans. Her land now.

The louder tones of the alarm’s final ten second warning pulled her back from her memories in time to key in her code and deactivate it. She really didn’t need a false alarm fine or an audience for her confrontation with whatever was waiting for her.

Stalling for time, Sata went into her workroom and set her purse in its accustomed place under the bench. Stripping off her red leather duster, she hung it on the hook behind the door. Hyper-aware of the sensation of magic nearby, she tried to quell her churning stomach but didn’t quite succeed. After drying her damp hands on her jeans, she couldn’t stall any longer and went to see just what, or who, had appeared in her store.

The front room was lit only by the low lighting in the display cases and dark shadows filled the corners of the room. A quick flick of the light switch and the overhead lights flickered to life but Sata could still see nothing out of place. The distinctive feeling of Sidhe magic was even stronger now, but it was mixed with another magic. A darker one.

Worst of all, she knew should recognize this particular feeling, should recognize the mix even though she’d not felt it in many years.

“Hello, Satadara.”

She jumped and spun in place, nearly falling into the side of one of her display cases. Catching herself in time, she stared in silent amazement at the figure that emerged from the doorway to the office.


A very different Valeris from the one she remembered. He’d filled in to match his height and was much more muscular. His piercing teal eyes shone from his unique mocha skin. The beautiful chocolate brown hair that had once draped across her was pulled tightly back from his face, making his features seem sharp and his gracefully pointed ears seem longer than ever.

Lips curved in a lopsided smile, Valeris stepped closer, giving her a chance to see admire his flexing muscles in the black leather pants and vest he wore. Not exactly the clothing of choice in the Court and a bit of a cross between biker and leatherman, but it seemed suited to Valeris’ personality.

For once she felt self conscious that she dressed so casually, her jeans and tank top were comfortable but not exactly enticing.

“Umm. Why are you here, Valeris? You know it’s forbidden to have any contact with me.” She was proud of her ability to keep her voice steady. “And how did you find me? The Queen herself masked my magic and hid me.”

Valeris grinned and stepped closer still. “Ah, but the Seelie Queen cast me from her court. Apparently mixed breeds are no longer welcome in her presence.”

That was odd. The Queen always seemed to be taken with Valeris’ bad-boy attitude and irreverent behavior. That fondness had even resulted in her own exile.

For a brief moment Sata felt her resentment flare but she quickly pushed it away. “What do you want, Valeris. If it’s a pity party, you’ve missed that event by a good decade.” She stepped back a little, only to find herself up against another case.

Anger flared briefly in the depths of his eyes, then he smiled again and looked up and down her body. “You haven’t changed all that much since I last saw you. You’re still luscious enough to eat.”

The fire of lust flared through her body at his words, nipples tightening and pussy clenching. Dammit. He should have no power over her anymore. “Why would I want a half-breed like you?”

“At least my parents stayed within a single species. Seelie and Unseelie are not so different. But I won’t let you pick a fight.” He held out his hand, a ring in his dark palm. The ring she’d made for him of her own hair. “You are old enough now and I have come to claim you as my own.”

She felt the magic flare a split-second before a thick rope of Valeris’ mixed magic settled about her wrists, binding them before her even as it jerked her forward and against his very hard, very aroused body.

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  1. *Selena Looks Everywhere* Where’s the rest? Need to rest! Pwease! With hot guys on top, need to know what happens next. Great job, will you make an entire story of this? *Selena hopes*

  2. Oooh… This I REALLY like… *grins* I have a major thing for bad-boy Fae…


  3. ohhh I like it, when are you posting more

  4. You knew I would love this one. This has to go to the TOP of your “need to work on” file. LOL

    Bad boy Seelie. very nice.