January 27th, 2008
Custom WordPress Website Design Drawing & MySpace Drawing

Authors Pay It Forward

(Feel free and encouraged to forward)

Some of you may know me and know I’m a huge believer in paying forward all the help that’s been given to me. Toward that end, my friend and fellow author Celia Kyle and I have banded together in an effort to start paying forward in a way we hope will make a difference to some new and aspiring authors.

One of the hardest things seems to be that many new and aspiring authors are constantly told how very important it is for them to have some sort of web presence and a website. It’s true – a nice web presence that speaks to your style and writing is a huge advantage. But how many times is it nearly impossible to do if you aren’t technically savvy or have extra money to spend on the effort?

To help someone with this, I am donating a free, customized WordPress website template to a new or aspiring author. This is the design and installation but not web hosting and the design will be done by LS Designs (http://lsdesigns.net/).

The rules are:
• The entrant must have 3 or fewer published books at the time of entry. Please be honest. This includes self-published books. I made this rule because I really want to focus the contest.
• Only one entry per individual.
• The winner will be randomly drawn from all entries using random.org and sequential entry numbers assigned in the order I receive entries.
• The drawing is open until midnight on 3/31/2008, Pacific Time. Winner will be announced on 4/1/2008 and the winner will me emailed directly and have 90 days to redeem their prize.
• No names or email addresses will be used for ANY other purpose, ever.

Celia has set up an entry form at http://authorspayitforward.blogspot.com/. Note that the question on the form about why you feel a web presence is merely for me to read and digest. It doesn’t affect your chances of winning as this is a drawing, not an essay contest!

The winner will receive:
• One custom designed website from LS Designs.net (Donated by Maura Anderson)
• One Author day including interview from Dark Ice Godess and the Dark Ice Goddess’ Musings Blog (Donated by Dark Ice Goddess herself) Added: 1/24/08

A second winner will now be drawn to receive:
• One custom designed and set up MySpace page from Jacqueline Frank! Added: 1/25/08

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