February 18th, 2008
Mystical Monday – Mercury Retrograde


I am so glad tomorrow is the last day of Mercury being retrograde for a while. Mercury retrograde started on January 28th and continues to February 19th for this event.

In astrology, Mercury goes retrograde when it appears to move backwards on its path because of the combined movements of the Earth and Mercury on their orbits around the sun. It doesn’t REALLY move backwards. This happens three times a year for about three weeks at a time.

Mercury itself is an air sign and it tends to rule thoughts, ideas and communication. When Mercury goes retrograde it becomes a good time for looking inside ourselves. Introspection, self-examination, re-reading or re-working. These are all good things to do at this time.

But Mercury retrograde always seems to lead to communication problems, plans falling through, misunderstandings and problems for me. Several things that were on a deadline and needed to be done kept meeting with delay after delay. Nothing so terrible that it could not be overcome or adjusted for, just things that seemed to take forever. Some things I’d been led to believe would happen have suddenly reversed course.

Mercury retrograde periods are just plain FRUSTRATING! LOL

I’m glad Mercury is going back to direct movement now. I’ve had about as much as I can take. Now I just need to remember this for the next two times, at least, and try to not just bully my way through. Maybe a nice vacation or something.

The other two 2008 Mercury Retrogrades are:

  • May 26th – June 19th
  • September 24th – October 15th

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