February 22nd, 2008
Friday Flash – Eclipse

Note that Erin is to blame for this week’s flash idea :) And remember that you can read my Friday Flash archive on this page of my website.

Friday Flash

(c) 2008 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved

“Oh come on, Nettle. A total eclipse only happens every few years. Come outside with me.”

Scott shook his head at the small blue-eyed wolf. “You know, wolves are supposed to love the moon and you seem to hate it. You have to be the least wolf-like wolf I’ve ever encountered.”

He chuckled. He was doing it again, talking to Nettle like she could really understand him. Her unknown owners had extensively trained her and she understood quite a few commands, but she wasn’t up to a conversation.

Nettle gave her thick, almost white-blonde fur a thorough shake, her collar jingling. Cocking her head at him for a moment, she laid down on thick bed near the door with almost dainty movements.

Just what was her story? She’d been rescued by a bystander after being hit by a truck. She been brought to Scott and his wildlife sanctuary when they realized she wasn’t a dog but a full-blooded wolf, if an unusual one.

But she’d been someone’s pet. With her complete lack of any fear of humans and her familiarity with commands and routines, she would never be a candidate for release.

She’d lived with Scott ever since he’d brought her home the first night to care for her broken leg and ribs. Sleeping at the sanctuary’s clinic was a sure recipe for a migraine and no sleep and she was his only patient at the moment. He’d not expected her to worm her way into his heart so quickly.

“Okay, I’m going out there though. I want to lay back and just watch the show. You can stay in here if you insist.” He chuckled. “But I’m sure I can protect you from the big, bad moon.”

Her long-suffering sigh ended on a whine.

“You’re such a diva. I should have named you Princess instead of Nettle. Although a princess would be nicer to visiting dignitaries. Growling at my date was not the way to make friends.”

As if she understood him, Nettle lifted her head and bared her teeth in a wolf-smile.

Not that he’d liked Donna, anyway. The minute she’d admitted to liking white carpet and outdoor only pets, he’d written her off. God, he was sick of dating shallow women.

He forced the thought away. He wasn’t lonely anymore with Nettle around. He’d avoided pets before because he didn’t want to leave a dog or cat alone all the time and couldn’t really take them to the sanctuary with him. But Nettle refused to be left behind and just a few weeks after he’d first brought her home, she was family. Hell, she even slept on his bed with him.

He glanced at the clock. “The eclipse is starting. I’ll leave the door open for you.”

He stepped past her and slid the door open, ignoring her grumbled protests. The wooden deck boards were cool under his bare feet and the air even chillier. Collapsing into the strategically positioned chaise, he was happy to curl up under the thick blanket he’d left out there earlier.

He was even happier to see Nettle nose open the door and follow him. So silent she seemed a product of his imagination, she slunk slowly toward him. Scott obediently lifted the blanket and moved to one side and the beautiful wolf hopped up to cuddle next to him and let him drape the blanket over them both.

He looked up to see just the tiniest bite taken out of the moon. It was starting. He’d loved eclipses all his life. As short as it was, it seemed so magical and it just wasn’t something pictures adequately conveyed.

Nettle whimpered and squirmed and he reached over to pet her. “Does your leg hurt, hon? There’s not a lot of room up here but you insisted.”

He alternated between stroking her fur and toying with the tag on the collar she’d been wearing when found; a strange disk inscribed with a wolf paw print in the middle of a pentagram, hanging from an exotic woven steel chain. She had fits when he tried to take it off, so it remained.

The night’s tranquility only broken by the occasional whimper and restless movement of his wolf, he watched the eclipse progress. “Almost full, Nettle.”

The chaise suddenly heaved, tossing him off onto the deck. He leapt to his feet only to stare in shock at the blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman sitting on his chaise, only partially covered by the blanket and wearing Nettle’s medallion.

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    Oh and COOL!

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  9. I liked how this one turned out too. I have to figure out where it really starts….

    Thanks for the nice comments!

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    Mr. Maura came to bed last night and says “I was catching up on your Friday Flashes. You are really cruel to your readers. You’ve become the master of the cliff-hanger.”




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