April 7th, 2008
Futhark Rune Series – Nauthiz, Isa and Jera


Nauthiz is the rune of delays and lacking. It can stand for a sort of trial-by-fire with need bringing forth strength and innovation. Nauthiz can also indicate that it’s a time to face your fears and welcome change that begins within yourself. It can also indicate a need for patience.
Isa is the rune of frustration and standstill. Isa tends to emphasize the runes around it but can also indicate the need to turn your attention inward.
Jera is a rune that speaks to the culmination of events that began earlier. It can be a sign of peace and happiness and prosperity.

One comment to “Futhark Rune Series – Nauthiz, Isa and Jera”

  1. I likey this series of yours. You gonna give examples of stuff of what they mean in combination when you do readings too? *looks at you winsomely* please?