April 14th, 2008
Texas Tea is a 2008 Fantasm Award WINNER!

I’m thrilled to announce that my first published story, Del Fantasma: Texas Tea has WON the 2008 Fantasm Award for Best Shapeshifter (Non-Wolf) Romance!!

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Del Fantasma: Texas TeaPublisher: Aspen Mountan Press
Genre: Paranormal, Coyote Clans, Del Fantasma Continuity Series
Sexuality: Male/Female
ISBN: 978-1-60168-052-5
Release Date: August 17, 2007
Length: Novella
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Photographer Lara Saunders has a lifelong secret – she can see and hear ghosts. When she was rescued from a near drowning by the ghost of a lighthouse keeper, he set her on a mission to document historic lighthouses and the lives of their keepers so they were not forgotten. Now on her third book in the series, Lara has arrived in San Diego to document the Old Point Loma Lighthouse but hasn’t counted on becoming the target of Cody Warren, the matchmaking owner of the Del Fantasma bar. Or falling in love with a handsome Park Ranger whose secret is even more strange than her own.

3 comments to “Texas Tea is a 2008 Fantasm Award WINNER!”

  1. I’m so proud.

    Now you have to understand, Maura didn’t think she had any chance at winning this.. not because the story wasn’t good (it is, and if you have not read it, shame on you! go buy it now! in fact you should buy 2 and give one to a friend) uh anyway not because the story was not up to winning, but because she is a new author, the contest is a popular vote, and she was up against known names with larger numbers of potential voters. That can sometimes mean that the contest becomes more about who has the most fans or can promote the most, and not who has the best story.

    Now because I feel that she knows her market, and the other authors, I believed her when she said “I’ve no chance of winning, and am just pleased to have been nominated” That didn’t stop me from demanding she do some promotion and “pimp” herself and encourage folks to vote for her, but it did mean I don’t get to say “I told you so” as some others have, because I trusted that her assessment of her chances was correct.

    So I was both surprised and delighted when we found out she had won.. So thanks to any of you who voted, it’s most appreciated.. especially since I now get to tease her about being “an award winning author” heh

  2. Hii Maura,

    Congrats! Great news for a new award winning author LOL!


  3. LOL – thanks C (aka Mr. Maura) and Sascha!

    I’m jazzed – and debating whether adding it to my sig is … umm… crass…