November 2nd, 2008
Del Fantasma: Texas Tea – New Reader Review

I stumbled across a great reader review for Del Fantasma: Texas Tea from KatherineT, a participant in the boards.

She says: Though I found this story started out rather awkwardly, it picked up interest and pace and I really enjoyed meeting Lara and Matt aka Texas. Lara’s sees herself as an outcast because of her abilities to see and speak to ghosts. Sharing her gift with others has only led her to heartache. Matt is a shape shifter; his other spirit half is Coyote; and he’s too is afraid to reveal his secret for fear of rejection. But something inside both Lara and Matt make them recognize that they are mates. This instinct is so powerful they cannot resist. Matt was adorable in both his shapes; human and coyote. It took me a bit to warm up to Lara, but she came through. I liked that Ms. Anderson allowed the sexual tension to build and the two didn’t make love until almost the end of the book. And wow, the lovemaking was scorching!

You can see her review in person at the website. You don’t have to be registered to read them, only to post.

Thank you, KatherineT!

I love to read opinions and reviews of my stories for anyone and everyone. If you’ve posted a review I don’t know about, please let me know!

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