December 6th, 2008
Just a Quick Update

This has been a rather crazed and stressful week. One of my cats had to be hospitalized on Monday and the week has been a rollercoaster of tests, results, and trying to be hopeful about what was going on with him along with a very busy week at work.

The good news is that he was finally able to come home just today but I had to change the diet of ALL the cats because we suspect part of his issues are a sensitivity to chicken. And I get to try to get antibiotic pills down him once a day for 10 days, then a new test about a week after that.

I do wish I’d have a while without drama and crises to maybe relax but somehow that never seems forthcoming.

I’m glad he’s home, though. He’s my dog in a cat suit and greets me at the door. I missed him a lot.

I’ll try to get my flash up tomorrow and catch everyone up on the book news I can share so far!

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