December 17th, 2008
Erotic Horizon has Recommended Giving Thanks

Erotic Horizon has read Giving Thanks and and recommends it! He says, in part:

GIVING THANKS is all that you would imagine the Thanksgiving holidays should be about. A book full of; secrets, family expectation, love and surprises along with a whole lot of forgiveness.

Derek and Troy are perfect for each other, there is no pretence about the love that they feel for each other and the respect that they have for their family. In wanting to have it all, family, friends and each other they make decisions based on assumptions and almost lose sight of things that are important to them.

The book has not only that hold your breath moment when you think, ‘please let it work out’ but also some hilarious moment where you just have to say thank God for the in-laws. I really enjoy Ms. Anderson’s GIVING THANKS.

You can read the entire review on the Erotic Horizon blog! Thanks for the great review!!!

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