December 26th, 2008
Mazda 3s are Not Good Snowplows

We arrived home today from several days away on a family holiday gathering to find that yet MORE snow had fallen while we were gone. Things were okay until we got onto our road – where a neighbor had managed to plow the road a bit but when we tried to turn up our road we discovered a very important thing.

Mazda 3s are NOT good snowplows.

We had about 19 inches of snow in the driveway (which Mr. Maura had dug out only 2 days earlier) and we barely managed to get off the road before we came to a rather complete halt.

We gave up, hiked up through almost knee deep snow to the house and got some hot food, then went to dig a path down to the car to bring in the stuff from the car. Being as how it was dark, cold and trees were dripping on us, we decided to wait until tomorrow to rescue the car.

Here are some more pictures of the snow to enjoy…..

2 comments to “Mazda 3s are Not Good Snowplows”

  1. OY!!!

  2. Happy Holidays, Maura. I hope your new year is the best yet.