January 30th, 2009
A Quick Update on Me

I wanted to drop a quick note so you don’t think I disappeared. I should return back to normal posting next week but I was laid off my EDJ (Evil Day Job) last Thursday along with 1399 other employees of a *cough* major software manufacturer *cough*. This whole week has been devoured with things I had to do to pack up my office, start job hunting, make sure I have all the information and documents I need.

Cross your fingers that I’ll find a great new job that I love quickly. In the meantime, job hunting, writing and editing are on the menu.


2 comments to “A Quick Update on Me”

  1. Fingers are crossed! I hope you find something fabulous :)

  2. {{{{{Maura}}}}} I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, with all of your skills, you will find a suitable job quickly.