February 2nd, 2009
New Computer Glasses

As part of the “use or lose” benefits before my layoff is complete, I made an appointment to see my eye doctor. I knew my eyes were getting worse – some things were just fuzzier. Knowing it and admitting it or doing something about it are, of course, different things.

Now I’ve worn glasses since I was a teenager and quite near-sighted. As I’ve gotten older, my vision has slowly become less and less near-sighted. For a whole year I sat at a lovely 20/20 and didn’t need to wear any correction at all.

Alas, that time is behind me. I’ve crossed the border into far-sightedness. I can still drive and do most things without correction but being on the computer for many hours means my eyes tire quickly and I should be wearing computer glasses. Trust me, I heard all about it.

Since I was unable to remember where my prior computer glasses went, I had to buy new frames. Now normally I pick fairly conservative and plain frames. But my eye doctor has a new dispensing optician and he talked me into a wild (for me) pair of lime green glasses.

They are a brand called Kaoli and the style is “Orchid”. I picked them up today and, you know, I’m glad I took a chance. They make me smile to look at them and the color is really cheerful.

The cats, however, are appalled. They keep looking at me like they want to know why I have stuff on my face. I’ve cleaned several nose prints off them already.

And I do have to remember that if I’m going to glance at the tv across the room, I need to look OVER the computer glasses, not through them.

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