July 18th, 2009
Appendage Report

As you can see on the word meter on the right, I have been making some progress on Desert Alchemy. Not as much as I’d like but the last week has been a series of doctor appointments and Things That Must Get Done. I have managed to get my research and world binders set up, though.

My hand, however, is much better. The ER doctors should have put me on a different antibiotic (usually it’s Augmentin but I’m allergic to penicillin). Now that I’ve been on this one for a few days, the hand swelling is now confined to only where the actual bites are and the wounds aren’t pussy and gross. Now I have ugly huge scabs and it’s starting to itch. Itching is supposed to be a good sign but it makes me want to chew on the finger.

My doctors are pretty convinced that I dodged the bullet on having to have surgery to clean the wounds out. I’ve been diligently soaking it in warm water and cleaning the pus and gunk off so it can heal better and the punctures can drain. I did take some delight in grossing out my co-workers, though.

Today I can leave the finger without a dressing which is making typing MUCH easier. I have a followup appointment next week and the week after and have 15 more days of antibiotics to survive, then it will hopefully be cleared up. YAY!

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