March 26th, 2010
Friday Flash: Juvie

(c) 2010 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved

Sam tossed Mykael Montero’s file on top of the rapidly growing pile of paperwork on her battered desk. She’d already made so many trips to the sally port, then to the holding cells, then back to her desk that her feet hurt. And it took a lot to make her feet hurt, no matter how torturous the shoes. Her long day was getting longer and longer, with no real end in sight.

Full moons were always busy and this one seemed worse than most. There was certainly some truth to the oft-repeated belief that the nut cases came out at the full moon – whack-job shifters at the very least. But this month was absolute hell.

Maybe it was the very early Spring weather on top of the lunar event that was causing the teenage shifters to lose what little self-control they had. Or maybe it was just a larger batch of shifters than typical was going through puberty. Who knew. All she knew was sure of was that her counterpart, along with half the office staff, had caught the flu and were out sick at the very time it seemed like every teenage shifter in five counties was being violent or stupid – or both.

It was no coincidence that the greatest mortality in shifters was during puberty. At this rate, Sam might kill a few herself just to reduce the amount of paperwork she was going to have to do today.

She wanted to scream. Too bad her morals didn’t let her take a sick day or two without actually being sick. And she couldn’t catch the flu, even if she tried.

Barbara had damned well get over being sick soon.

The ugly beige government-issue phone blared out its harsh call for attention just as Sam opened Mykael’s folder. Hell, it was amazing to have had the second needed to sit down before it rang this time.

Snatching up the receiver, she barked out a curt greeting only to hear a smoky baritone voice chuckle in a way that always seemed to make her bones melt. Not that she ever revealed that effect. Deputy Kai Mahalee was the embodiment of tall, dark, exotic and handsome and most of the female staff simpered and fluttered their eyelashes at him, hoping to be the one who caught his eye and tamed the Hawaiian Hunk. To his credit, he was also all business and never stepped a millimeter out of line. Determined to not pant after him, Sam got stuck purely to business, the weather and the current Seahawks news. So far, it seemed to work.

“Hello, Deputy Mahalee. What can I do for you?” Sam rubbed her forehead with her other hand, trying to chase away the impending headache. Today had better not be the rare day she actually got a headache; she had NO time for that.

“Hi, Sam. I just picked up one of yours, a Jerald Robins. I’m about fifteen minutes out.”

She barely stifled a heavy sigh. Great. Jerry was teetering on the edge of being put away for more than the sixty days he’d served last time, especially if he violated his parole. “What charges?”

“Assault. He and another juvie were fighting over a girl and your boy used some sort of ninja claw on the other kid. We didn’t recover the weapon so we’re not sure what it was exactly, but it cut up the other kid’s his face quite a bit. He was bleeding so much that Sander took him to the ER to get stitches.”

This time she couldn’t stop the sigh. “Okay – I’ll meet you at the sally port to take custody.”

It took willpower to not slam the phone down in its cradle. Instead she gently set it back down and flopped back in her chair as much as she dared, given the creak the ancient piece of furniture let out.

Great. Just f-ing great. How the hell was she supposed to help prevent shifter violence and keep the knowledge of the shifters from humans with these out of control teenagers flowing through JD like a tsunami? It sounded like Jerry had managed to retract his claws before the deputies showed up, at least. Even Deputy Mahalee’s renowned cool wouldn’t have been a match for seeing three inch claws on a sixteen-year old boy.

Hell, why couldn’t these kids just go into the woods, beat the shit out of each other, then shift and nap until they healed, then go home? Why did they always pick someplace to lose their tempers where there were witnesses galore and arrest was pretty damned certain? Hormones had to destroy brain cells, it was the only explanation. Not that male shifters had an abundance of brain cells to start with.

Oh hell – stitches. If the other kid had actually needed stitches, he wasn’t a shifter. Crap – had Jerry attacked a human?

Popping upright again, Sam pulled the keyboard to her and opened the form for Mykael’s intake. She had to fill it in while she still had a few minutes. If she didn’t do it now, she might not get a chance later. Come to think of it, she might not get a chance to go to the restroom either. Or grab a snack. Right on time her belly rumbled. Sam yanked open the bottom drawer of her desk, wincing at the squeal of the metal slides, and pulled out a few sticks of homemade jerky. She devoured them faster than she would have dared had she actually had any company in her cubicle bay.

Saving the information to the mainframe, she stood to head back to the sally port to see just what lame-ass story Jerry would try to tell her today about why he’d gotten in a fight, whose fault it was and even where his parents actually thought he was at the time versus where he’d been arrested.

The last story he’d told her had sounded like a really bad rip-off of Dallas mixed with a little Dukes of Hazard and some Twilight thrown in for good measure. Of course, that was before she’d given him a taste of just what she was. She’d even made him clean up the floor after he’d wet his own pants in submission.

Damned kids.

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  1. More please! *Grin*

  2. It’s a matter of time, mostly. I have a lot of ideas and there are a lot of things I’m not ready to reveal yet :)