April 11th, 2010

I can’t help it. I write. I must write. Apparently when that switch got thrown and I decided to put effort into writing something (a business paper, I think, was the first thing), I started something I cannot stop.

Not that it’s a bad thing, really. But it is something I don’t think I control. For a Type-A control freak, that’s always a bit worrisome.

I’ve been writing a lot on my fiction recently and I told my husband that I thought maybe I’d broken my dry spell and was writing again. He looked at me, obviously confused, and said “But you never stopped writing. You just were writing other things instead of fiction.”

That stopped me in my tracks and I thought about it a bit and, you know, he’s right. (Don’t tell him, we don’t want it to go to his head.) I’d had a really long dry spell in my fiction world but my creative juices had merely re-directed themselves to my non-fiction world. I’d written many business documents and helped revise a publishing strategy while I was lamenting my lack of writing.

I’d been told for a long time that writers write. It was one of the signs of being a “real” writer. I suddenly realized that one of the ways I kept self-sabotaging my belief that I’m a “real” writer is because I felt I didn’t HAVE to write. I could turn it on and off and no harm done, no twitching, no big deal.

I would like to state that I was wrong. Apparently I don’t turn it off as much as re-direct it. I express myself a lot through writing and words and, when blocked in one direction, apparently my brain finds another avenue to go down. The written word is as natural to me as oxygen and I can’t actually stop writing SOMETHING.

This realization has actually helped me break free of my block, too. Now I can direct my desire to write toward what needs to get written instead of letting that energy and drive be sucked up by a class or whitepaper.

So writers write. Guess I’m a writer :)

2 comments to “Writers….write”

  1. Found you on LJ. Hope you don’t mind I friended you. Do all your posts go through LJ or another blog thingie? (see how very techie I can be;)

    Rebecca W.

  2. This is my main home blog but once a week or so I echo the posts to LiveJournal :) The latest posts are always here.

    And you ARE a writer :)