July 29th, 2010
Thursday Thirteen: New office essentials

Thirteen things I decided were essential when putting together my new home office:

  1. Two desks – one for the desktop computer and one for laptops and/or papers, notes, etc.
  2. A cool overhead light fixture – it needed to set the mood for the room with a bit of whimsy.
  3. Soothing colors on the walls – I’m not fond of beige but knew I didn’t want a dark color. I went with sage instead.
  4. Task lighting – the overhead fixture will kill you if you are on the computer a lot. It’s easier to have lamps for task lighting and keep the overhead on low.
  5. Interesting furniture – I fell in love with the Christopher Lowell shore collection. It’s not heirloom quality but it’s pretty nice with antiqued white bodies and cherry veneer tops. I could afford it, too.
  6. Enough bookcase space for writing books and supplies – I really wanted to put things AWAY. But I also didn’t want to line the whole room with them and crowd myself out.
  7. Comfortable desk chair – I sit a lot of the day and comfort/ergonomics are key.
  8. iPod Dock – I love having music but don’t like computer speakers. I want the computer sound OFF. For me, my lovely iPod dock with remote control is just the ticket. It’s a bonus that it drowns out the cats who are Most Displeased that I won’t let them into the office and yowl outside the door in protest.
  9. Extension cords – too many times I’m stuck with the outlet behind some piece of heavy furniture. I put extension cords in all the outlets before putting together the furniture this time.
  10. Remote switches for lamps – I didn’t want to put the task lighting lamps on a timer because i don’t want them on if I’m not using them. Instead I found nifty (though bulky) remote controls for them. Lamp plugs into the fancy socket, socket plugs into the extension cord and there’s a little remote to turn them on and off. Lazy but I love it.
  11. Artwork – I have a stockpile of lovely artwork that is framed and ready for this office. I’ve collected it and stored it and can’t wait to put it up.
  12. Scissors – I bought six – yes SIX – pairs of scissors for the office. Apparently, at least at my house, the men who need to “borrow” a pair of scissors look for them in my drawer and then fail to return them. I plan to hide a few of these, mind you. This way maybe I’ll actually be able to find a pair of scissors when I need one.
  13. A reading nook – I bought a lovely rattan chair and stool to tuck into the corner to relax in and read when I need time away from the rest of the family or just want a cozy quiet place. I even have a warm throw for it (though not out right now, too hot).

One comment to “Thursday Thirteen: New office essentials”

  1. Your writing space sounds so enviable (is that even a word?) anyway it sounds fantastic.

    I hope we get to see more pictures when you are finished.

    Rebecca W.