August 5th, 2010
Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Ways You Know You’re an Author

Thirteen ways you know you’re an author:

  1. Your desk file drawer contains files and multiple kinds of chocolate.
  2. You get distracted during a romantic dinner listening to a fight at a nearby table and your date merely asks if you want a pen to take notes with.
  3. You arrive at work and don’t remember the drive there – but you have figured a way to solve your plot problem.
  4. You talk to your characters – and sometimes they talk back.
  5. You accidentally put the peanut butter in the refrigerator and the jelly in the pantry – and it’s not the first time.
  6. You could open an office supply store with the contents of your office.
  7. You choose music according to the story you are writing.
  8. You know every research site on the web that has anything to do with what you are writing – and visit them all far too frequently “just to check a quick fact.”
  9. You obsesses about wordcount – even when you’ve declared you have a day off.
  10. You try to blame your muse for all bad jokes, puns and suggestive comments that escape your lips (or fingers).
  11. You cannot help but shudder at bad grammar or punctuation and think “they’re editor will kill them.”
  12. Your friends constantly follow up their news and tales of woe with “promise me you won’t use that in a story.”
  13. You do use your friends in stories and can lie about it with an almost straight face.

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