February 23rd, 2011
Cats as Office Assistants

Up until today my cats have been locked out of my home office. There was too much chaos and too many things for them to get into. So, thwarted by not having opposable thumbs, they resorted to sitting outside the door, pawing at it and yodeling as only a donkey attempting an operatic aria or an annoyed cat can. I admit it, I did laugh at their expense. But today I felt sorry for them, especially my sickly skinny cat that’s probably not going to be around a whole lot longer. It’s cold and he’s skinny and loves to lay on me but can’t when I’m working in the office and he’s not allowed in.

So I caved.

First Harley (the skinny guy) came in and very nervously sniffed all through the room and rubbed his chin on anything and everything he could claim for himself. It was HIS, dammit. After several trips in and out the now mysteriously open door, he discovered the reading chair’s ottoman and the fluffy warm blanket I’d laid on it for him. He was happy to nest there for a while.

Then, just as he got comfortable, we had a brief visit from Nettle. Nettle is one of the Scaredy Cat Club — she’s semi-feral and not at all willing to come within 20 feet of a human. I heard a cat come in and turned to look around the side of the desk. When she saw there was a HUMAN in this mysterious room, she bolted. No pictures of her, sorry.

Another twenty minutes or so later, Merlin showed up. Merlin is our oldest cat and would gladly knock off all other cats so he had all the pets and humans for himself alone. He and Harley are arch enemies most of the time though lately they’ve devolved to a more “willful obliviousness” state. He pestered me for pets for a while and then discovered the ottoman and blanket when Harley went out of the room for a bit.

They danced around any need to acknowledge each others’ presence for quite a while, even ending up on the ottoman and blanket together, until the unthinkable happened. Meeps, our dominant girl kitty, discovered the office was open. In she saunters! Again some requisite exploration, then she hopped up on the ottoman and pestered the boys to groom her by meowing and kneading them until they got disgusted and ceded the rights to the ottoman and blanket to her. She is Queen! Note the laser eyes, too.

I needed more tea after this and the whole group trouped down the stairs after me as if I were the pied piper. When i got back up to the office, they started getting into things and got booted out for a while.

Such help.

3 comments to “Cats as Office Assistants”

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  2. What a great and familiar tale. I especially like the pied piper description.

  3. Ahhhh…. How cute is that?