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As the oldest child in a family of hugely prolific readers, I was hooked at an early age on the wonders of worlds unknown and information at my fingertips. When I discovered Johanna Lyndsey in my teen years, I was hooked on romances as well.

Though there have always been stories winding their way through my thoughts with the constant refrain of “what if…”, a few bad experiences with school creative writing classes caused me to never give them voice beyond my own daydreams for many, many years.

My profession is in the software industry testing. I spent thirteen years as a tester, part as a Software Test Engineer (STE) and part as an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) for a major software company. In January 2009, I moved from testing to technical writing and now work as a Programming-Writer, which pays my bills and provides a lot of challenge and technical work, even if it does eat into time I might like to spend writing fiction.

I have a lot of hobbies – my geeky day job seems to demand a creative craft outlet to balance it and it’s often joked by my family (at least I think it’s a joke) that I need to found a 12 Step program for craft-a-holics. I knit, crochet, bead, make chainmail and beaded jewelry, quilt, make stained glass, and cross stitch. This is only what I currently do!

In 2004, after I had sold a non-fiction book (on software testing, fancy that!), I decided to actually try my hand at romance and erotic romance writing. So now my spare time is filled more with writing projects than with crafts, but I’ve sold my first erotic romance to Aspen Mountain Press and am working away on more. I currently write for Aspen Mountain Press, Manlove Romance Press and Ellora’s Cave.

I live in a wonderful rural community outside of Seattle, Washington with my amazing husband, Chuck, and our son Morgan. I also have an adult son, Jonathan, who is now back in college after being medically discharged from the United States Army Infantry. I’m proud of him but I worried during his deployment, like every relative of a soldier in any branch of the Armed Services, and I do still worry about him now. It’s a “mom” thing. We share our home with five indoor cats and an African Grey parrot as well as sharing our backyard with a feral cat colony that we care for.

Adding to my rather diverse background, I am also a Wiccan High Priestess, an elder in my spiritual community (Mohsian Trad, for those who are curious).

Even with all the draws on my time, I still manage to read about a book every day to two days. I believe reading is my lifelong addiction!

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Maura Anderson

Maura Anderson

Maura Anderson Maura Anderson
Maura Anderson Maura Anderson