February 9th, 2018
De-Hacking the site – Patience Required

Ah WordPress – one of the most popular and yet insecure platforms around.

I’m working on de-hacking this site but it’s slow going. Luckily it’s probably not very popular anymore anyway. But you will see errors and weird behavior until I either get it all cleaned up or decide to burn it to the ground and start over!

July 10th, 2016
Flash Fiction – Cubed!


I’ve been branching out of romance and erotic romance and into speculative fiction lately and have been looking for a way to spur myself on. I know I really like writing flash fiction, so I am going to try using Story Cubes (Or Story Dice – depending on the manufacturer) to do a weekly challenge.

On Saturday, I plan to pick between five and seven dice from the container I’ll empty all these dice into. Then I’ll roll those dice and take a photo of the images I roll.  Then I’ll spend the next week using those images as inspiration to construct a flash fiction between 500 and 1000 words. The flash fiction will be posted on the next Friday.

If anyone would like to join me at any point, let me know. If I keep this going for a couple of months, I’ll put up a sticky post or page about it!


December 21st, 2011
New Release: Deepest Night

Today is Yule and tonight is the longest night of the year. In many ways, this was the inspiration for my new release, Deepest Night. The longest night heralds the coming of more sun, more warmth and eventually the coming of Spring. What happens when you think your life has gone dark in the worst ways – until someone brings back the warmth and love to it?

This story is also the prequel to my Bran’s Visions series. A celtic rock band that was on the pinnacle but is now beset by problems they may or may not be able to overcome.

My story is part of ManLoveRomance’s Holiday 2011 series of releases – there are great stories to be found every day of the holiday season!

Buy my story from MLR at: http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=MADEEPKN


Photographer Jake Harrison is only trying to please the boss when he agrees to brave the holiday airport crush to pick up a visiting friend of the Bran’s Visions lead-singer, Colen Cassidy. Al turns out to be Alrek Heggryd, a noted mandolin player who retired from performing very suddenly several years ago amid rumors of catastrophic health issues. In addition to working as the benefit concert’s second photographer, Jake finds himself playing chauffer and guide to the sexy Norwegian until his efforts to keep a respectful distance fall to Alrek’s onslaught.



November 26th, 2011
MLR Holiday Daily Reads for 2011

ManLoveRomance Press has put together a huge party of holiday stories! Not just week’s worth, not even a month’s worth but 42 days worth of holiday shorts for you to enjoy! If you click on the calendar above, you’ll get a full-size image you can actually read.

And, just announced today, there is a bonus story released each Friday in December!  It’s a huge number of stories by a lot of great authors. Different stories, different December holidays – they ROCK!

You’ll see I even have a new release in here – on December 23rd (Yule!) my newest story Deepest Night will be released. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow, though. :)

You can buy all these books on their release date at MLR Press’s website!

The schedule is:

Date Title Author
Nov 20 Christmasing With You William Neale
Nov 21 Holiday C.A.M.P. Victor J. Banis
Nov 22 An Early Snow Derek Adams
Nov 23 A Picture Perfect Holiday Z.A. Maxfield
Nov 24 ‘Tis the Season Vivien Dean
Nov 25 Good Will Shopping Mia Watts
Nov 26 Someone to Give Thanks For DH Starr
Nov 27 The Advent Calendar Christopher Koehler
Nov 28 Joy of the Season TA Chase
Nov 29 Snowy Nights Laura Baumbach
Nov 30 Christmas Wishes JP Bowie
Dec 1 Scarcity Holidays AKM Miles
Dec 2 Chance of Snow Brynn Paulin
Dec 2 Time Waits for No Man Kiernan Kelly
Dec 3 Holiday Matinee Elizabeth Lister
Dec 4 First Christmas Stevie Woods
Dec 5 Silent Nights William Maltese
Dec 6 Southern Winterland Taylor Donovan
Dec 7 Matches Rick R. Reed
Dec 8 All He Needed Simone Anderson
Dec 9 Christmas Memories Matthew Lang
Dec 9 Angels on Top NJ Nielson
Dec 10 A Summit City Christmas Ethan Day
Dec 11 Christmas Future Ally Blue
Dec 12 Cuddle Time Chicken Soup Cherie Noel
Dec 13 All the Souls on Earth Barry Brennessel
Dec 14 Winter Wonderland Riley Stone
Dec 15 Breath of Heaven Lex Valentine
Dec 16 Blue River Theo Fenraven
Dec 16 Together in Electric Dreams Geoff Knight
Dec 17 Together Diana DeRicci
Dec 18 The Good Shepherd Jardonn Smith
Dec 19 Personal Shopper Tere Michaels
Dec 20 What You Will Charlie Cochrane
Dec 21 Deepest Night Maura Anderson
Dec 22 Secret Santa Clare London
Dec 23 Every Time a Bell Rings Missy Welsh
Dec 23 The Gift of the Maggie Belinda McBride
Dec 24 Noche Buena Neil S. Plakcy
Dec 25 Beautiful Harmony S.J. Frost
Dec 26 Tofurkey and Yams Karenna Colcroft
Dec 27 Finally Home K-lee Klein
Dec 28 Christmas Gifts William Cooper
Dec 29 Lights Me Up James Buchanan
Dec 30 Where the Heart Is Kaje Harper
Dec 31 Drag and Drop Kimberly Gardner
October 8th, 2011
My Titles with Aspen Mountain Press

With a heavy heart, I have decided to remove the buy links for all my titles with Aspen Mountain Press from my website, along with their covers. There is a considerable amount of chaos and legal issues between AMP and it’s staff and authors and a lot of concern over future royalties and rights. Until those issues are settled, I’m considering these works to be “in limbo” and will decide on their fate when the current AMP chaos shakes out.

I am not willing to discuss the details but you can certainly Google the publisher and see the public posts of the various happenings.

This is very sad for me since AMP was my first fiction publisher and I’ve been with them since the beginning.