Friday, March 6th, 2009
Bittersweet – Sneak Peek 2 (m/m)

Here’s a second sneak peek at the coming soon (DAMMIT) m/m story, Bittersweet. It will be out soon in ebook from from Aspen Mountain Press and as part of the print anthology, Hot Comfort, from ManLove Romance Press.

Hope you enjoy it.


Aha! A parking spot right on the street in Freemont. That was rarer than three dry Spring days in row. David pulled his little Mazda into the open space with a sigh of relief. Chris said she’d promised to be there to pick up the naughty chocolates at six and it was already a little after that. He’d rushed out of the office as fast as he could after getting her frantic phone call but being waylaid by a co-worker along the way had cut things very close to the designated pick up time.

He hopped out of the car, taking advantage of a brief gap in the street traffic and raced over to the ominously quiet-looking shop. A glance at the hours listed on the glass door showed that they closed at four p.m. on Sundays. The lights were still on but no one seemed to be inside.

“Dammit!” How was he supposed to pick up something at six when the shop closed at four?

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Sunday, October 26th, 2008
Gift of the Holly King is being re-released as a single title!

Aspen Mountain Press just let me know that they are planning to re-release Gift of the Holly King, my contribution to the Babes in Toyland II anthology as a single-title story this winter!

I’ll put up a cover when I get it but I want excited to hear the news!