Friday, March 26th, 2010
Friday Flash: Juvie

(c) 2010 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved

Sam tossed Mykael Montero’s file on top of the rapidly growing pile of paperwork on her battered desk. She’d already made so many trips to the sally port, then to the holding cells, then back to her desk that her feet hurt. And it took a lot to make her feet hurt, no matter how torturous the shoes. Her long day was getting longer and longer, with no real end in sight.
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Friday, October 9th, 2009
Friday Flash – The Lord of the Crows


Lord of the Crows
(c) 2009 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved

The earth clothes itself in the brilliant icy breath of the coming winter and breezes wash through the lands, carrying the sharp, bright scent of snow to all who dare to be outside this night. A blanket of thick fog fills the valleys as if preparing them for the coming months of snow and slumber.

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Sunday, November 30th, 2008
Friday(ish) Flash – White Mountain (m/m)

Friday Flash

Today’s Friday Flash is a m/m offering from the land of my cougar shifters. Hope you enjoy it!

(Archives are on the website, if you want to read the offerings of past weeks)

White Mountain
(c) 2008 by Maura Anderson

“Is that all you need for now, Mr. Hollister?” The overly made-up blonde store clerk fluttered her false lashes and bent over a little so he could have an unobstructed view straight down her cleavage. Too bad she was too young, too human and far too female, she was certainly more than willing.

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Sunday, October 26th, 2008
Great Friday Flash News!

I’ve been saying all along that I was considering putting my year of Friday Flash posts into a single downloadable PDF file so people could download the lot of them and read them offline. Today I’m happy to announce that one of my wonderful publishers, Aspen Mountain Press, has agreed to help me package them in different formats and will host it for FREE download on their website. This means you can add it to your cart on AMP’s cart, with or without other books, and will not be charged for the download.

I expect it will take us a bit of time to accomplish this so I’d expect it maybe end of November but I’m honored and thrilled by Aspen’s generousity and support of my work and going this extra mile for me to insure you all can have this free offering.

And no, I won’t take down the web page in the meantime but I’ll rearrange a little to start a new archive on 11/1.

Saturday, October 25th, 2008
Friday Flash is the Witchy Chicks Round Robin Story

Instead of a separate Friday Flash this week, I’d like to direct you to the Witchy Chicks blog and our Round Robin Horror Story.

My post can be read here but you should really start at the first installment of the story here.

Let us know what you think! It’s wacky and fun, but so are we.