Sunday, July 10th, 2016
Flash Fiction – Cubed!


I’ve been branching out of romance and erotic romance and into speculative fiction lately and have been looking for a way to spur myself on. I know I really like writing flash fiction, so I am going to try using Story Cubes (Or Story Dice – depending on the manufacturer) to do a weekly challenge.

On Saturday, I plan to pick between five and seven dice from the container I’ll empty all these dice into. Then I’ll roll those dice and take a photo of the images I roll.  Then I’ll spend the next week using those images as inspiration to construct a flash fiction between 500 and 1000 words. The flash fiction will be posted on the next Friday.

If anyone would like to join me at any point, let me know. If I keep this going for a couple of months, I’ll put up a sticky post or page about it!


Saturday, June 12th, 2010
Friday Flash Site Down

I just noticed this site, as well as the Pink Chair Diaries site, is down. I emailed the person that set them up but haven’t heard anything back. I’ll try to set up the Friday Flash code here for people to use starting next week, though.

I’ll look up the up-to-date instructions for using it and update my Friday Flash page as well.

Sorry I don’t know any more.

Friday, March 26th, 2010
Friday Flash: Juvie

(c) 2010 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved

Sam tossed Mykael Montero’s file on top of the rapidly growing pile of paperwork on her battered desk. She’d already made so many trips to the sally port, then to the holding cells, then back to her desk that her feet hurt. And it took a lot to make her feet hurt, no matter how torturous the shoes. Her long day was getting longer and longer, with no real end in sight.
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Friday, February 6th, 2009
Friday Flash How To: My Friday Flash Rules

So, back to the subject of Flash Fiction! (You can stop clapping now, I’m trying to get back on track, really.)

Over the last year of doing a weekly piece of flash fiction, I’ve come up with the following list of guidelines that I follow. By no means am I saying these are the rules for flash fiction, these just happen to be mine. Many of these are

Yank the Reader In
You only have a very limited number of words and you don’t have time to coax your reader into your world slowly and carefully. Instead you need to write words that reach out from the screen and yank the reader in. This can be strong action, emotion or even description but it MUST be compelling.

Keep it Simple
If you have a complex story idea, only use part of it for a flash fiction. There isn’t enough room to get really complex so focus on one aspect, one person or one relationship.

Be Strict on Word Count
If you set a word count limit, stick to it. It can be a challenge but it will actually teach you a lot about how to condense or tighten things so you can squeak in just one more paragraph or one more description.

Don’t Stop with a Whimper
Either write a true flash fiction (complete the story in the allotted word count) or leave the reader with a hook. Whatever you do, don’t just peter out and trail off.

Be Willing to Experiment
Friday Flashes are a great place to experiment with ideas, concepts and characters. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. You can hone great new skills by playing with them in these small flash projects.

Pay Attention to Feedback
Watch the reactions your various pieces of flash fiction get from readers. This is a great way to discover what resonates with your audience and you can use that information to help hone your other work.

Friday, January 16th, 2009
Friday Flash How To: What is it?

What is “Flash Fiction”?
“Flash Fiction” is a term that is thought to have originated with a 1992 anthology of the same name by James Thomas, Denise Thomas, and Tom Hazuka. The definition given by the editors of that anthology were that the story had to be limited to two facing pages of a digest-sized magazine – so about 750 words.

There is, however, no universally accepted length for a flash fiction but most top out at 2,000 words. The common length stated seems to be 250-1,000 words.

Flash fiction is, however, supposed to be more of a complete story in the allotted length. It should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Of course, this is not what I do :)

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