Sunday, November 30th, 2008
Elisa Rolle Reviews Giving Thanks!

The lovely Elisa Rolle has reviewed Giving Thanks on her blog and says (in part):

I like the story: it’s nice and tender. Troy and Derek, despite Derek’s reluctance to come out, are a very communicating and supporting couple; Troy never once makes Derek feel wrong for not presenting him as lover to his family, and never once let Derek without his support, even when Derek is stubbornly invading the kitchen with an huge amount of food they can’t possibly eat in two. On the other hand Derek is very comprehensive of Troy’s work, and how it’s very tiring for his lover, and so he tenderly takes care of him in the best way possible: even when he is suffering for his father’s reject, he still finds time to take care of his lover and to be always open and “straight” to their relationship. Derek doesn’t hide to suffer alone, he shares his pain with a gentle smile on his face.

The story is not very long, 51 pages, but it’s a very nice fast reading in the warm atmosphere of the holiday season.

You can read the entire review here on Elisa’s blog.

You can find buy links and more about Giving Thanks here on my website.

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
Romance Junkies gave Giving Thanks 4.5 Ribbons!

Jhayboy at Romance Junkies Reviews gave Giving Thanks 4.5 Blue Ribbons and says:

The book has not only that hold your breath moment when you think, ‘please let it work out’ but also some hilarious moment where you just have to say thank God for the in-laws. I really enjoy Ms. Anderson’s GIVING THANKS.

You can read the awesome review here!

You can read more about Giving Thanks here!

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
Rainbow Reviews Gave Giving Thanks 3 Stars!

English Bull Dog from Rainbow Reviews has given Giving Thanks 3 stars and says:

“This is a delightful story. The characters are believable and well-drawn. The topics of homophobic hatred and eventual forgiveness are handled well. Moments of humor, such as the running joke about grandpa’s big gut, were great fun.

Of especial delight was the loving and mutually supportive relationship that Troy and Derek enjoy. It was a change to read a story about an already established couple.”

The review is hosted on the Rainbow Reviews website.

Thank you, English Bull Dog, for the lovely review and I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
4 Nymphs for Giving Thanks!

The lovely Chocolate Nymph at Literary Nymphs has given Giving Thanks a score of 4 nymphs and says, in part:

“The talented Maura Anderson created a captivating plot of realistic concerns and the emotional impact on everyone involved; include two very sensual characters plus a touch of humor and you have a very impressive story that I greatly enjoyed.”

You can read the entire review on the Literary Nymphs blog. Thank you, Chocolate Nymph!

Friday, November 14th, 2008
Two New Reviews for Giving Thanks!

Giving Thanks has been out a week and two generous reviewers have taken the time to read and review it already. Their opinions have really made my ugly week at the Evil Day Job better!

I hope you’ll take a look at not just the reviews for Giving Thanks but all the other great reviews offered on these two blogs.

Ebook Addict told me I wasn’t allowed to tell her husband she bought it, but named it both a Must Read and her Recommended Thanksgiving Read for 2008. She says (in part)…

I love holiday stories love, forgiveness and happily ever after, and this one surely didn’t disappoint me. This was my first book by Maura it won’t be my last!!

Derek and Troy will grab your heart from page one and you won’t want the story the story to end I kept putting the book down not because I didn’t like it but because I knew the end was near and just was not ready to let them go. The love that Derek and Troy have for each other is really going to give you that little knot in your throat. You will be crying, laughing, angry and HOT all in equal parts, It is a wonderful Thanksgiving story that I will be reading over and over and every Thanksgiving to come!!!!!!!!

I wish I could say more but it seems that everything I tell you would ruin the story for you and I don’t want to do that so please don’t miss out on your chance to buy this great story I promise you won’t be sorry.

You can read the entire review (and others) on Ebook Addict’s blog.

Wave from Reviews by JesseWave managed to somehow sneak in a read of Giving Thanks around her bulging shelves of TBR and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. She says (in part)…

This is Maura Anderson’s first M/M story and I think it was a very good debut for her in a different genre. The characters were well developed and three dimensional and the author didn’t shy away from the intimate sex scenes which were warm and loving in addition to being very hot. The author obviously has a lot of experience, due to her many het romance books, in making sure that her protagonists are real. This is the first book that I have read from Ms Anderson and I was impressed. Giving Thanks is a “feel good” story – it’s about Thanksgiving after all, but the author didn’t just phone in the story – she took the time to introduce some complexities into it and gave us a picture of a loving family headed up by a very strong mother who dealt quite effectively with a bigoted husband that was still living in an era where being gay was reprehensible.

The story was funny and heartwarming and filled with lots of delicious food. I could feel the aromas wafting into the book – either this author really loves food or she’s trying to make gluttons of her readers. I hope that this is not Ms Anderson’s only venture into the M/M genre because she seems to have an instinctive touch for creating gay male characters that are real and not caricatures. I recommend that you buy this book as a great start to the Thanksgiving holiday. My only regret was that I could not live in Troy’s and Derek’s world a little longer.

You can read the entire review (and others) on the Reviews by JesseWave blog.