Sunday, December 28th, 2008
I love some of my neighbors

We went to run errands today and were in the midst of trying (without much success) to get the Mazda 3 out of the snow when our neighbor came driving down the snowy, slushy road on a little bobcat (I think). He very kindly scraped the worst of the snow and slush off the road so we could get out.

When we were coming home several hours later, we were all braced for the possibility of not even making it down the road but discovered the wonderful man had not only cleared the road but had cleared one whole half of our driveway.

I gave him some money to pay for gas (we have a private road and he’s been doing the work but I KNOW it takes gas at least) but I may have to bake him some cookies or something. That was SO nice of him to do.

We made it up the driveway and near the house – YAY.

On the bad side, our danged phone lines got water in them somewhere and we’ve been having mostly non-connectivity since we got home Saturday. Mr. Maura is trying to track down what circuit is bad but we don’t have it figured out yet. So be patient if you email me.

Monday, December 22nd, 2008
More Snow Pictures

Another collection of snow photos from our house.

These were taken yesterday:

These are from this morning: